New pages: Local Militia, volunteers of 1803

A quick post to flag up (and put down some tags for) a few new uniform pages added to my series for auxiliary forces:

For the Local Militia, pages on East Yorkshire and Worcestershire. And the start of a new set on the volunteers of 1803, beginning with Manchester and West Yorkshire, with a brief introductory page here.

Not the last word on their subjects, by any means, but they’re a start. And with more areas to come, as time allows. Meanwhile, existing pages have had small updates from time to time. As usual, links to pages from Home are either by the tabs up the top, or the Page listing at the right. Sample slide show below.


One response to “New pages: Local Militia, volunteers of 1803

  • Eamonn O'Keeffe

    Hello. I’m a regular follower of your blog and am working on a PhD on British military musicians during the French Rev and Napoleonic Wars. I enjoyed these new posts, and was drawn to the reference to the Doncaster Volunteers depositing their instruments in the Mansion House on disbandment. Might you please be able to tell me what your source is, and if possible share the original quotation? I’d assume it’s from C W Hatfield, Historical Notices of Doncaster, 3rd Series, 1870, but copies of that publication appear very hard to find.
    I couldn’t find a contact form on this site, but would be grateful if you would reply to me.
    By the by, you can find photos of the Ecclesfield Volunteer swords and bugles in St Mary’s Church on Flickr here:
    Compliments of the season


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